Before it's assumed, that there are two person named
Morten Nielsen
One found in census 1801 at age indicate birth in 1732 and one found born in 1735.
Both found in Heltborg record of some of there childs birth. Study of birth and names of sponsors indicate that Anne Christensdatter/Kragborg/Villarsdatter are the same and Lars by error is called by his brother Niels name in the 1787 census. Of couse it's pure speculation, but properly true.
Born about 1732, unknown where and by who. Only knowlege from census 1801 and a fake if the theory about the namevariation of Anne Christensdatter/Kragborg/Villarsdatter is right. Born 1735, Christening april 7. 1735 in Heltborg, son of Niels Christensen at Heltborg Church and Maren Christensdatter. He was copyholder and farm occupant, married to Anne Villarsdatter.
Sponsor: Anna Christensdatter in Ginnerupgaard, Laust Kirk, Lauge Overgaard, Knud Dahle, Maren Nielsdatter, Johanne Nielsdatter -all of Heltborg.
Christening 1764 july 29.:
Birthe Mortensdatter
Sponsor: Johanne Nielsdatter, Niels Smed, Jens Nielsen, Peder Piilgaard, Anna Nielsdatter, Kirsten Høgholm - all of Heltborg. Christening 1765 october 6.:
Niels Mortensen (age 19 at census 1787 is properly the brother Lars by error called Niels who realy is 22.)
Christening 1767 April 31.:
Lars Maartensen Kirch
Mother Anne Christensdatter
properly same as:
Indicated birth 1768:
Lars Mortensen (age 33 at census 1801)
Sponsor: Kirsten Høgholm, Christen Piilgaard in Ullerup, Knud Dahle, Lars Kirk, both of Heltborg, Maren Nielsdatter, Kirsten Kragborg ibid:
Christening 1769 februar 12.:
Willads Maartensen Kirch
Mother Anne Kragborg
Sponsor: Maren Nielsd: Niels Smed, Christen Pallisgaard, Knud Högholm og Knud Dahle, Kirsten Kragborg og {Lars Kirks hustru}
Christening 1770 january 21.:
Maren Maartensen Kirch
Mother not mentioned
Sponsor: Niels Smeds hustru Maren, Lars Kirk, Peder Kragborg, Niels Smed, Giertrud Dahle, Anna Nielsdatter
Sponsor: Maren Niels ...kiær, Knud Høgholm, Peder Kragborg, Niels Smed, Johanne Nielsdatter, Ovns Nielsdatter Christening 1771 november 3.:
Kirsten Mortensdatter
Sponsor: Knud Høgholms hustru Chirsten Jensdatter, Christen Kirch, Christen Nielsen, Jens Nielsen, Kirsten Willadsdatter, Anna Nielsdatter Christening 1774 may 8.:
Maren Mortensdatter
Sponsor: Ugense Nielsdatter, Peder Pedersen (Kragborg) in Heltborg, Laust Christensen in Heltborg, Knud Christensen in Heltborg, Christen Mortensen in Heltborg, Karen Povelsdatter Christening 1776 may 19.:
Else Mortensdatter Kirk
Sponsor: Johanne Nielsdatter in Heltborg, Knud Høgholm in Heltborg, Laust Nielsen in Heltborg, Thomas Nielsen in Heltborg, Oven Nielsdatter in Heltborg, Inger Krogh in Heltborg Christening 1778 may 23.:
Willars Kirk
Sponsor: None. Birth 1780 march 15. /dead few days old:
Jens Kirk
Sponsor: Maren Christensdatter i Heltborg, Jens Kirk, Laust Kirk, Jens Nielsen Smed, Maren Nielsdatter Niels Larsens hustru. Christening 1781 april 15.:
Else Mortensdatter Kirk
Microfisch 762
Census 1801, Heltborg Bye, family 6
  • Morten Nielsen Kirk, age 69, widower after one marriage, copyholder and farm occupant, living with his unmarried children
    • Lars Mortensen, age 33
    • Kirsten Mortensdatter, age 23
    • Maren Mortenasdatter, age 28
    • Else Mortensdatter, age 16
Microfisch 645
Census 1787, Heltborg Bye, family 12
  • Morten Nielsen, Husbond, age 52, farmer and farm occupant
  • Anne Willarsdatter, Housewife, age 48
    • Niels Mortensen, age 19, unmarried (properly incorrect noted as Niels and realy are Lars who fit the age)
    • Maren Mortensdatter, age 16, unmarried
    • Kirsten Mortensdatter, age 10
    • Else Mortensdatter, age 6
Anne Villarsdatter died in Heltborg 56 year old in 1794.
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