It seem, that in Heltborg at least two branch of KIRK lived in the late seventeenth century, each with a member named Christen Kirk - and each of these named a son
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3 Niels Christensen is found married in Heltborg Kirke, but the first is identical with the thirt. One or more of this is
later called Kirch, Kirche, Kirk, Kirke with or without patronym
Maren Christensdatter

Kirsten Christensdatter
Maren Mortensdatter

Only a few data veryfy anything of this couple. The marriage and her burial. Either they don't produce any child, move to another place, or, what seem to be the case, it's this Maren Christensen who past away in 1732: "Maren Christensdatter at Heltborg church buried Apr 20. 1732." and Niels Christensen then married Maren Mortensdatter later this year.This couple produce child as late as 1734 and this Niels Christensen could not remariage Maren Mortensdatter allredy in 1732 as assumed.
1727 June 15.
1729 november 9.
1731 june 17.
1734 march 14.
Niels Christensen and Maren Mortensdatter at Heltborg church's childs:
1733 july 26. daugther Maren's christening
1735 april son
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